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Tanzanite is the name given to transparent blue zoisite, and was discovered in Tanzania in 1967. It was introduced into jewellery in 1969 by Tiffany & Co. of New York. Colour: Usually blue, lilac blue, or deep violet blue, but other colours are possible including green, yellow, pink, brown and khaki. These colours and also paler blue stones are often heat treated to produce the preferred deep blue colour. Tanzanite is slightly fragile, and can fracture badly, ultrasonic cleaning should be avoided, but otherwise it is very suitable for jewellery, being a very beautiful stone, similar to sapphire. Famous examples: A specimen named "The Midnight Blue", of 122.7 carats is located at the Natural History Museum in Washington, DC., USA.

Chemical Composition and nameCa2Al2(AlOH)(SiO4)3 - Hydrous Calcium Aluminium Silicate
Refractive Index1.692 to 1.700
Specific Gravity3.35
Crystalline SystemRhombic the Lowest Possible Price

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