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18 Carat Gold Necklet or Bracelet
Gold Jewellery from Chard
We stock gold jewellery which is carefully selected for quality, aesthetic appeal and value.

18 Carat Gold Jewellery
18ct gold jewellery is our favourite. We like it so much, we have created a completely separate website for it at:
Click on the link to go directly to our eighteen carat gold jewellery site.
For the many people who do nor realise it, eighteen carat gold is generally harder and more durable than nine carat gold, and therefore much better for jewellery. For further information, look at either of our gold jewellery web sites.

9 Carat Gold Jewellery
In the UK, 9ct gold jewellery is very popular because of its low price compared with 18 carat. We have created a specialist website for it at:

14 Carat Gold Jewellery
14ct (or 14kt) gold jewellery is popular in the USA and Canada. This is because it is less expensive than 18ct, but better than 10 ct.
We believe it to be too much of a compromise. If you want the cheapest gold jewellery, 9 or 10 carat is OK, but if you want the best, then there is no substitute for 18 carat. Because of this, we do not offer a range of fourteen carat gold jewellery.

24 Carat Gold Jewellery
24ct gold jewellery has its devotees. Twenty four carat is, of course, pure gold, but it is too soft to be durable, and it can only be used with care. For this reason we do not offer any 24 carat gold jewellery.

22 Carat Gold Jewellery
Twenty two carat gold has traditionally been used for high quality wedding rings. It is excellent, but slightly soft, and we feel that 18 carat gold is more serviceable, while still retaining almost all of the best qualities of 22ct. We can make 22 carat wedding rings to special order, but otherwise we do not offer 22 carat gold jewellery.

Ear Rings - Gold
Ear-Rings, 18 Carat Gold & Enamel
Gold Jewellery Selection
Heart Pendant
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